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Operator will make sauce batches. This includes completing sauce batches already in progress or starting new batches. Responsibilities include but are not limited to selecting recipes, preparing ingredients for mixing, operating ingredient grinder, operating ingredient elevator, monitoring and adjusting load cells, adjusting speeds, temperatures and evaporation levels, operating balance tanks, monitoring and pumping finished batches, operating Hoyer sugar addition equipment, operating STIM doser/conveying/cutting and freezing system, quality inspection of product and troubleshooting all issues. Person may lift repetitively up to 50lbs. Person will be required to submit maintenance work orders. Person will be trained on HACCP and be responsible for conforming to all applicable GMP's. Person will be trained on Infinity and other documentation related to the Sauce Pack Kitchen area and may be required to have working knowledge of SAP. Person will be responsible for sanitation. Must be able to push carts, scrub by hand, and be able to use high pressure hoses. Job will entail wearing appropriate PPE, such as rubber boots, bump hat and glasses/goggles for cleaning. Job duties will include overhead cleaning. Person will be responsible for assisting with all that is required to keep the area safe, maintaining a sanitary work area, maintaining an active sense of urgency to keep production going and other duties as assigned specific to the Sauce Pack Kitchen area. Person will be required to participate in all meetings and venues to drive operational capability. The ability to read and follow directions is a requirement. Good math skills are a requirement. Person will be required to complete fork lift operator test for license to operate forklift in work area. Person will be required to complete Lock Out / Tag Out Certification training.
You may be required to work any shift during training and startup.
Requisition ID: 30557
Posted: 12/11/2014
Location: United States, Arkansas, Russellville
Category: Production/Maintenance

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