Mechanical Work Planner

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## Job Description
Construction Field Engineers help plan, direct, and execute work for all engineering disciplines in the field to support construction projects. As required they interface and coordinate activities with home office engineering, field construction supervision, and field subcontractors. Additionally, they may support tField Procurement, System Turnover, and Commissioning. As Construction Field Engineers progress through field engineering career path, they will increase their knowledge in all construction field engineering operations and related disciplines. Employees are required to take direction and guidance from the designated Construction Field Engineering Manager(s), senior construction field engineers, and superintendents. Additionally, employees are required to have general knowledge of construction processes along with a specific certified field engineering discipline.
Construction Field Engineer 5 job activities include:
- Demonstrate expertise and work independently
- Specialize in a particular engineering discipline
- Provide guidance to construction technicians and junior Construction Field Engineers
- Act as a corporate and project construction specialist for a particular discipline
- Evaluate current construction methods and develop opportunities for process improvement
- Coordinate internally with other execution disciplines and external suppliers both within Company prescribed policies/procedure and/or direction from the Construction Field Engineering Manager
- Observes and ensures construction practices as required for compliance of construction operations/execution with federal, state, and local codes, industry standards, company procedures, and contractual requirements
- Gather approved required documents and information to support the successful completion of relevant construction activities/requirements.
- Review, understand, and evaluate the project specifications, procedures, and relevant portions of the Contract
- Promote safe work practices
- Represent Construction in project meetings
- Plan, manage, and complete work according to quantity budgets, schedules, and contract requirements
All Construction Field Engineer 5 employees share common technical competencies in which they must demonstrate proficiency. These competencies are outlined below:
- Expert technical knowledge in construction aspects of a specific engineering discipline
- Advanced knowledge of construction process
- Detailed technical knowledge in construction aspects of all engineering disciplines
- Ability to prioritize tasks
- Advanced knowledge of project team roles and responsibilities
- Detailed knowledge of other discipline scopes, roles, and responsibilities
- Working knowledge of applicable federal, state, and local codes
- Advanced knowledge of industry and company standards
- Advanced knowledge of construction discipline best practices and emerging trends
- Ability to generate technical specifications and procedures
- Ability to determine and apply contract requirements
- Advanced knowledge of company construction procedures including subcontracting practices
- Advanced knowledge of company and project safety requirements
- Ability to communicate effectively and appropriately with groups outside of Construction Field Engineering and the company
- Ability to coordinate operations with construction team
- Ability to provide informal coaching and guidance to others
- Expert ability to resolve problems and seek assistance if necessary
- Ability to take direction from project and departmental leadership
- Working knowledge of Microsoft Office application suite
- Working knowledge of collaboration resources (i.e. SharePoint)
- Working knowledge of turnover department software
- Working knowledge of records management software
Requisition Number: PPSV44393
Job Title: Mechanical Work Planner
Area of Interest: Construction
Division: Plant Services
Country: United States
State/Province: Arkansas
City: Russellville

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